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    Porous aluminum profile extrusion die using and repairing method
    Time:2016-1-22 14:05:55                  Click:1770

    We all know that the extrusion die is working under very bad conditions, high temperature, high pressure and high strength friction, resulting in a short life of the extrusion die. Extrusion die are the main failure form of wear failure, aluminum profile extrusion in the production process as a result of high temperature and high pressure directly and work with contact, resulting in a powerful force, the extrusion die cavity surface and with surface subject to wear and failure and die cracking performance. In the production process of aluminum extrusion die after a period of time, the strength of the weaker will produce small cracks, and with the production to gradually to the depth extension, reach a certain degree will produce crack or break. The deformation failure, usually die in use, the cantilever eccentric subsidence situation. It is possible that the strength is not enough or other reasons. In view of the problems above all sorts of influence die life and porous mold design, manufacture and use and maintenance should pay attention to below the surface: porous mold design must pay attention to shunt holes placed in, because the bridge so to reasonable layout of perfect relief. In the manufacturing process, we should pay special attention to the weak part and the stress concentration.
    Porous extrusion mold maintenance must first solve the length of material problem, and in the mold repair try not to move the work with or welding, it is best to repair by regulating the flow deflector or welding chamber to die, so you can try to maintain the stability of the extrusion die. For the cleaning of the porous mold is necessary, many corners, there are many small areas where it is difficult to polish and polish the place where we generally use the polishing machine for surface cleaning.
    After passing through the extrusion die to be treated immediately, so that the surface of the extrusion die to better respond to aluminum production. Frequent in aluminum production to avoid mold machine, as far as possible reduce die because of quenching heat resulting in the decline in performance. The maintenance is also very important in the late stage of extrusion die, must be clean before entering the warehouse cleaning spray rust inhibitor.
    From the above view, to improve the life of the porous mold is a comprehensive system engineering, we must implement a comprehensive model tracking control system to achieve.

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