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    New technology makes aluminum alloy semi solid forming
    Time:2016-1-22 14:07:09                  Click:1764

    Aluminum network news reporter recently learned, Beijing General Research Institute for nonferrous metals national nonferrous metal composite materials engineering and technology research center of advanced control solidification team, under the continued support of the national 973 and 863 program and international cooperation projects, master of the basic principle of semi solid metal solidification process, invented the spiral ring gap type electromagnetic stirring of new technology to solve the aluminum alloy semi solid forming the core of the technological problem.
    The metal material is made of the required parts, there is a process from melting to the forming, there is a transition from liquid metal to solid metal. In the 1970s, it was found metal material from the cooling liquid to solid state process in, the first part of solid from liquid solidification, exist in a transition state of semi liquid, semi-solid coexist, the coexistence of liquid and solid metal is called semi solid metal.
    Beijing General Research Institute for nonferrous metals, chief expert, professor level senior engineer Xujun, semi solid metal forming technology in theory, could be used in aluminum, magnesium, copper, steel and metal matrix composite materials most metals, but due to the different nature of the various metal alloys, in the preparation of semi-solid metal slurry process will encounter different problems. In spite of this, the technology as a kind of green, near the end of the new technology is constantly being widely used.
    Using this method, can be prepared with the diameter greater than 300mm of high-strength aluminum alloy casting rod; at the same time, the technology has been settled in to Hunan Wenchang Technology Co., Ltd., built the first car with wear-resistant aluminum alloy parts of semi solid professional chemical production enterprises, products have import substitution, the realization of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces.
    At present, the technical team is using this technology principle, the development of the subway and car with aluminum matrix composite brake pads, the product is currently only Germany and Japan can produce. After tackling the problem, and now the product has been tested by the China Academy of Railway Science, is expected soon, China's subway and car will be installed on the key components of the domestic brake disc.

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