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    Name:Covering Agent SY-FG1

    Time:2016-6-6 16:59:04

    Melted aluminum is very vulnerable to gas and oxidization. The basic requirements for a covering agent may include: low melting point, low relative density, good liquidity and highly capable of forming a protective dense layer on the surface of the aluminum melts. This layer can prevent the melts from gas and oxidization.

    Properties: white powder, 2.5kg/pack.

    Applicable to: aluminum or aluminum alloys other than high magnesium aluminum alloy

    Recommended Dosage: apply the covering agent at 0.8 ~ 1.0 kg/m2 or adjust the dosage depending on the purity of the melts and the dampness.

    Melting point: <660 ℃

    Features and Benefits: this product contains cryolite which can absorb the slags. It is especially effective in melting oxides in the slags when a covering layer forms on the surface of the aluminum melts and returns, tops and tails or scraps are added. It can also separate the furnace gas from the aluminum melts, which in turn reduce melting loss and consumption of oxygen.


    When impurities and non-metal substances are absorbed by the covering agent, the slags on the aluminum melts may turn into pasty or liquid state, depending on the dosage of the covering agent. For complete coverage, multiple application is required, preferably when the metal starts to melt. After the metal is totally melted and kept still, apply the covering agent on the surface to protect the melts.

    Packaging and storage:

    Pack in plastic bags with corrugated boxes as secondary packaging. 20kg or 25kg per box.

    Store it with caution in a dry place, and avoid damps.

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