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    Siyuan literally means “when drinking water, one should always think of the water source”. This is the origin of our name. Siyuan, since its foundation, has always put the customer in the first place and sticks to the highest standard of integrity. And this philosophy has been deeply rooted in the heart of every people of Siyuan. Thanks to strong support from the customers and other partners in different sectors, Siyuan has been moving forward steadily step by step. All the employees have been working hard and dedicated to the growth of the company, which has become one of the largest manufacturing bases for adjuvant materials for aluminum processing and casting sectors in China.

    Siyuan has advanced technologies and modern testing systems for manufacturing metal flux, aluminum alloy element additives, aluminum intermediate alloy, cast aluminum alloy, and flux for copper alloy and zinc alloy. Our well-trained teams and ISO systems are guarantees for superior quality.

    Siyuan teams have sharp market insights, advanced philosophy and highly efficient management systems. All these have enabled continuous innovation, leading to development of a great variety of innovative, environment-friendly and highly efficient treatment agents for aluminum melt.

    Domestic and overseas markets have brought us great opportunities and severe challenges at the beginning of the new century. Siyuan teams are confident that they are capable of conquering such challenges and that they can maintain fast growth when meeting increasing market demands with stable, efficient and quality products.

    Siyuan is also confident that the customers’ support will create a better tomorrow for both.

    Siyuan is looking forward to establishing more fruitful business relationships with existing and new customers!


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    Address: Xuzhou city east Wu Shao Wei Ji No. 108
    Telephone: (86-516) 83240645 83242886 83242887
    Email: 15852008286@163.com
    Fax: (86-516) 83243569  Zip code: 221120  Network address: www.xzsyly.com
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